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We are the exclusive Thailand's licensed manufacturer of Oji Interpack Co., Ltd.'s trademark HiPLE-ACE triple wall AAA and double wall AA heavy duty corrugated paperboard containers and paperboard pallets.

 HiPLE-ACE is ideal for heavy duty packaging and yet is lightweight, weather proof, and environmentally friendly.
Cost Reduction: 
Union and Oji Interpack Co., Ltd.'s HiPLE-ACE products contributes to remarkable cost reduction in total material handling. HiPLE-ACE products consists of double wall AA flute and triple wall AAA flute corrugated fibreboard construction.
Product Construction:
Our product construction allows for minimum packaging size and maximum cubing. In addition, our standard and customized designs reduce time and labor for packaging.
   HiPLE-ACE is typically a triple-wall corrugated fibreboard mainly used as heavy duty packaging material.
  The special features of this product are lightweight flexual stiffness. Since 1974 when the production of the triple-wall corrugated fibreboard commenced in Japan, the product has been extensively adopted as indispensable heavy duty packaging materials by a large number of industries in the areas of machinery, automotive parts, computer-related products, and metals to name a few.
Our products have a wide range of applications. Some applications in the past include packaging designs for air-con compressors, electronic components, and electronic appliances.

Supplied Industries:
We are supplying packaging materials to other industries such as semi-conductors, petrochemical pellets, knockdown auto parts, aircraft parts, elevators, escalator parts, and other heavy products to be sent by air or sea cargo. We also believe that our HiPLE-ACE packaging materials are relevant to hundreds of other applications as well.
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